Pure Water Collection


How It Works


Payments are billed via Direct Debit on the last working day of each month. Once you have filled the Direct Debit form with GoCardless then we will issue you a four digit code that will be unique to you and the amount you use that month.

Please be aware if there isn’t a Direct Debit mandate to your account then we will not release a unique four digit code. If you cancel a mandate we will attempt to contact you but your unique four digit will be disabled until mandate it reinstated.

If you require pure water its available on a self service system for account customers. Monday to Sunday 7am – 9pm

We welcome all Domestic, Commercial and Industrial customers. Please contact the office or follow the link below to fill out the Form for a Free Trade Account.

We Charge £0.03 Per Litre Inc VAT. Billed on the last working day of each month with Direct Debit.

Our water goes through a a 4 stage RO (reverse osmosis) & DI (deionising)  filtering process. To give 100% ultra pure water with a TDS (total dissolved solids) of 0.00PPM

Our filtration process removes organic chemicals, chlorine, lead, silicates, pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, asbestos, calcium ions, magnesium ions and metallic ions.

We currently store 10,000 Litres of pure water which can be used for various industries such as:

Window Cleaning , Aquatics, Engineering, Car Valeting, Carpet Cleaning, Steam Cleaning, Engines, batteries Plus many more..

CCS Window Cleaning Pure Water Dispenser in Action Filling a Window Cleaning Van