Our deionised water process starts by taking mains water and passing it through various pre-filtration stages to remove larger particulates and organics. We then pass this through a high pressure reverse osmosis stage which then strips the majority of the salts from the water. Finally, we pass this through a mixed bed resin to ensure the bulk of the remaining impurities are removed.


Styles and Colours may vary (please enquire if more information is needed)


This is bottled immediately to avoid tank storage which allows us to give you a fresh product.
Barrel colour and styles may vary depending on stock.


Typically, this water leaves our system at 0.5 micro Siemens. Conductivity rises due to CO2 uptake and usually levels out at 0.8 – 2.1 micro Siemens on arrival with our clients.


We do not recommend drinking this product neat.

This product has not been treated for sterility.

Pallet of 32 x 25 Litre Barrels of Pure Deionised Water

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