Our deionised water process starts by taking mains water and passing it through various pre-filtration stages to remove larger particulates and organics. We then pass this through a high pressure reverse osmosis stage which then strips the majority of the salts from the water. Finally, we pass this through a mixed bed resin to ensure the bulk of the remaining impurities are removed.

This is bottled immediately to avoid tank storage which allows us to give you a fresh product.


Typically, this water leaves our system at 0.5 micro Siemens. Conductivity rises due to CO2 uptake and usually levels out at 0.8 – 2.1 micro Siemens on arrival with our clients.


This product has not been treated for sterility. Not suitable for human consumption unless boiled above 60+ Degrees.

Large Volumes In Stock
Independently Tested before dispatched.


This product is typically used in such sectors;

  • CNC Machining
  • FLT Battery top up
  • Cooling systems / flushing
  • Renewable energy
  • Plating/anodision
  • Printer Ink Manufacturing
  • Hydro Cutting in engineering
  • Dental Autoclaves
  • Textile Rinsing
  • Automotive salt NDT
  • Window Cleaning
  • Aquatics
  • Steam Cleaning

1000 Litre IBC of Pure Deionised Water

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